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Diversity Recruiting Specialists (DRS) is dedicated to providing our clients in the federal, state and local government with professional recruiting training and consultation services, as well as direct recruiting assistance tailored to each agency. Law Enforcement, School Districts and Fire Agencies will all benefit from our guaranteed results programs. We strive to provide services in a cost effective manner to save taxpayer money and help agencies recruit a diverse and quality workforce.

We are also dedicated to mentoring and training potential law enforcement candidates for successful careers in law enforcement including sworn and non-sworn positions.

Additionally, pro-bono, DRS consults on local government tax issues related to law enforcement, public safety, and other local governmental transparency and taxpayer issues.

Sgt. Jeff Church (retired) is perhaps the most knowledgeable expert on Law Enforcement Recruiting issues in the United States and has teamed with other experts to get you the best and diverse candidates at the lowest cost. Consultation is free and many agencies are unknowingly opening themselves to liability with their recruiting practices.

Since his retirement in 2003, he has devoted himself to learning about the issue world-wide. He has attended and taught at numerous seminars on law enforcement recruiting and retention. He has also conducted extensive research on the subject of law enforcement recruiting.

In addition to his own experience Jeff has compiled the input and advice from hundreds of recruiters and H.R. personnel. He has assembled other expert instructors in the areas of recruiting, sales and marketing, to bring all aspects of the big picture to seminar attendees.

While his specialization is law enforcement, the concepts generally apply as well to all aspects of governmental recruiting including teachers, firefighters, and other service positions.

Seminars cover all aspects of recruiting:

  • Your recruiting plan
  • Designing a website
  • How to get free or reduced advertising
  • Recruiting from the military
  • Diversity recruiting
  • Salesmanship and marketing
  • Legal issues

About Us

Jeff Church

Jeff Church is a retired Sergeant from the Reno Police Department.

Jeff graduated as Valedictorian from the Reno Police Academy. He also served in the Air Force Reserve retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in Intelligence. Jeff served in Desert Storm and Just Cause (Panama) both in theatre. He was activated after 9-11 and served in support of interrogation efforts in Guantanamo, Cuba. He previously served with the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. For many years Jeff also taught various law enforcement related classes at the local community college.

He holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice, a minor in Aerospace Studies, and an Associate Degree with Honors in Law Enforcement.

In addition to his Recruiting knowledge, Jeff has expertise in the areas of Special Events and Interrogation.

Wayne LeQuang

Officer Wayne LeQuang is currently a police officer in Southern California.

He is the author of the book, “How To Become A Peace Officer” and he teaches seminars on the same subject.

Wayne holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from California State University at Long Beach. He is married and a proud father. He is fluent in Vietnamese and has training in recruiting, special events, and a variety of other police fields.

Managing And Making Money From Special Events

Outdoor event

After public safety, quality of life issues are essential to the well-being of a state or local government. Special events put on by an agency represent the local government. Putting on a special event is no easy process, making it profitable and effective even more so. One bad incident can permanently destroy a government’s reputation.

Crime, gangs, terrorism, liability, traffic incidents, weather, accidents, bad promoters and many other bad things can happen to good people trying to put on a special event. Don’t let it happen to you.

The City of Reno and the area are known world-wide for our special events from cook-offs, Hot August Nights, Burning Man, various festivals, etc. As one of Jeff’s assignments, he was proud to be the Special Events Sergeant for the Reno Police Department. Take advantage of his expertise and training and start with a free consultation on how your city, county or other entity can profit from a successful special event.

Do these unfortunate events sound familiar? Could they have been avoided with proper planning?

  • “Car rams crowd at festival”
  • “Shots ring out at community celebration”
  • “Peace march ends in violence”
  • “Suspect dead after Reno Police shooting at Wing Fest "Next thing you know everybody was running in a huge crowd after us, and we start hearing gunshots," Barnes said.”
  • “There are now 12 lawsuits seeking $85 million in connection with a charity’s fatal fundraising car show this past June.”
  • “The initial wave of victim lawsuits since four people died at the XYZ music festival accuse organizers of safety lapses after a driver struck a crowd of concertgoers… organizers of the XYZ festival have faced questions over how they have managed the event's …” (names changed)

Hot August Nights photo